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Rooted in Jesus

Sleek's Orchard has been a family owned business for more than 50 years.  It has been passed down through 4 generations.  We grow over 30 varieties apples, peaches, donut peaches, cherries, and plums.  We also have apple butter(no sugar added), honey, and a variety of homemade jams.  

We open in June with yellow and black sweet cherries.  In July we have early apples and plums.  Starting the end of July we begin to pick our peaches and continue throughout the month of August with them.  We pick a few varieties of apples in August and have over 25 varieties in September and October.  Our orchard stays open during the  winter to supply you with fresh apples all winter long. 


We are located on Route 96 between Schellsburg and New Paris

Our GPS address is 181 Wentz Road New Paris Pa 15554

Available now:

AppleButter and Jams

Due to the May freeze,  peaches are very limited from here on out.  Please call for availability.



Varieties of apples grown at SLEEK'S Orchard

Transparent (mid July)

Lodi (mid July)

Ginger Gold (early August)

Rambo (mid August)

Zestar (mid August)

Dandee Red (mid August)

Paula Red (mid August

Jona Mac (late August)

Gala (late August)

MacIntosh (early Sept)

Honey Crisp (early Sept)

Early Fuji (early Sept)

Cortland (mid Sept)

RubyJon(Jonathan) (mid Sept)

Red Delicious (mid Sept)

Empire (late Sept)

Jonagold (late Sept)

Golden Delicious (late Sept)

Snow Sweet (late Sept)

Ambrosia (early Oct)

Mutsu (early Oct)

Northern Spy (early Oct)

Banana (early Oct)

Rome (mid Oct)

Cameo (mid Oct)

Stayman Winesap (mid Oct)

Fuji (mid Oct)

Granny Smith (mid Oct)

Braeburn (late Oct)

Pink Lady (early Nov)